With everything going on in the world right now, it has been taking a toll on my mental health. I really want to start writing again, and I will still be working on the requests that I have!! I loved writing for her, and hopefully I did this request some justice!! I think I will definitely write for Wanda more often in the future!! Hope you all enjoy :. Originally posted by darthvadear.

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Every break up, every sick day, every day either of you just needed someone there for you; you went to each other. To lull you to sleep in one of the rare nights when your mind was plagued with nightmares. You start to stutter out an excuse as to why you called him and woke him from his perfectly decent rest. Second, you sound upset. You let out a sigh, moving from your back to your side, laying with one hand under your head. Josh comes over all the time, but rarely this late.

I got a solid four hours, which, as you know, is all I need. I want to come over, trust me. Josh comes in almost exactly ten minutes, which surprises you since he has a reputation for being late to almost everything. He holds you until you want to pull away, always tracing circles on your back the whole time you hold onto him.

He steps over the window sill, carefully closing the window when you stand from the bed, practically running over to him.


Originally posted by jcsephsdun. You push the end button and throw your phone onto the carpet of your apartment frustratedly, wanting to scream but also crawl under the covers and cry your eyes out. Right out of college, you moved straight to the heart of California, hoping to land as much as an internship with a company. And when you applied to companies, you were rejected.

Jul 27, – Explore Rouselle Ramoso’s board “Dating Memes” on Pinterest. Mental illness is not a choice, and people cannot just ‘snap out of it’. Better​Make You BelieveLove YouTyler Joseph Josh DunI Am The OneEmo Bands​Imagine DragonsStaying Alive October 24, | Josh Salman | Inside Real Estate.

Sam : I love you too. Note: in the episode the followers of the ship were called “Seddies”, when in reality they are more popularly known as “Seddi ers “. It was next mentioned in the episode iLost My Mind in which the episode is centered around Seddie getting together. Warning: All Ship Warring will be punished severely by the administrators!

Sam and Freddie started off with a love-hate relationship, showing strong feelings of dislike towards each other, constantly fighting and arguing. First, it was Sam showing hatred towards Freddie, then he started showing hatred towards her. However, as time has progressed, the two are shown to have developed their relationship to one that is similar to a friendship, which led to a romantic relationship as seen in iLost My Mind but ended in iLove You.

Yet, they still have deep feelings for each other, which were made clear by the fact that they declared their love for each other. It is unknown if they will get back together. During iQ the episode right after iLove You , they seem to act awkwardly to each other. In the episode, they don’t talk to each other that much either. This may prove that they are still feeling a little bit weird after their break up. Dan Schneider , the creator of iCarly, had put out many hints that Sam and Freddie may end up together even some of the iCarly cast members have hinted on this.

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Josh inspired kids hoodies featuring independent designs for boys and girls. Made from mid-weight fleece with a comfy hood and warm pockets. The perfect pullover for kids with impeccable taste in art.

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This is very long overdue, but I hope you enjoy! Packing was always bittersweet. You loved visiting your family back in England, but that meant being separated from Josh. You always managed to make it work, video chatting and calling for hours every night, but no matter how much you kept in-touch, you always missed him terribly when you were gone. Today was going to be especially hard. Normally, you left for a week or two before returning, but this time, you were going to be gone almost an entire month.

You wanted to make the most of time with Josh that you had left. You sat cross-legged on the floor, humming softly as you folded clothes and packed them neatly into your suitcase for the trip. I hate leaving you. We could stop for dinner on the way. Josh wound the phone charger around his palm. Tyler and I are recording tonight, remember? You looked up from packing.

He gave you a sad smile.

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Your phone started to ring again, vibrating loudly against your wooden coffee table. You grabbed an oversized sweatshirt from the pile of laundry on the floor and pulled it on over your shorts. She, along with your parents, were the only ones that knew about the pregnancy. You figured she was less likely to feel guilty about not telling Josh than Tyler was.

You sighed as you looked over yourself in the mirror, smoothing out the fabric over your torso to see how big it had gotten. A shiver ran down your spine at the mere thought of telling him.

The Rock can’t make it to the wedding of twenty one pilots drummer Josh Dun, but he did have some solid advice for his impending union.

Clearly a fan of the wrestler-turned-actor, Dun has reached out to Johnson for advice in the past. I hear that promotes hair growth. Good luck bud. Obviously a busy man just like Dun, The Rock respectfully declined his invite but offered up some advice. Thanks brother and congrats. Fans were loving the interaction with many laughing at the fact that The Rock might not have even known the wedding date before his denial.

She my dude for life. I love you Debby.

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Dun, 30, also shared the engagement on his Instagram, stating, ‘I found a tree house in the woods in New Zealand and proposed to my girl. She my dude for life. I love you Debby.

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For anyone who doesn’t know, twenty one pilots is my absolute favorite band ever. And I have 21 reasons why they’re worth loving. Don’t think. Just click and listen. The last week of August tends to have idyllic weather, in my opinion. Hot summer days give turn in to breezy autumn-esque evenings. We’re starting to think about lighting our fall candles and sipping pumpkin-flavored coffee earlier than ever this year — because we love those things, but also in an effort to get moving as fast as physically possible.

More than ever, this month has been filled with some of the greatest food launches of all time. Some of the most iconic and well-loved brands like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Oreos, and Panera dropped iconic new flavors, dishes, and drinks we’ve honestly based a lot of our summer plans around.

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