Видео: Virtual Addiction - Public Service Announcement in the shower.

Virtual Addiction - Public Service Announcement with Bell.

A short 20 second PSA on digital addiction.

Opiate Drug Addiction Public Service Announcement

This a short public service announcement about a rising concern of opiate drug addiction.

Emoji Addiction - Public Service Announcement

Made in Adobe After Effects. Stop the Madness. Use your Words!

Virtual Addiction - Official Trailer

A cold wind blows through the mechanical empire that is Neo London, the last city on Earth. Surrounded by miles of badlands, ...

PSA: Social Meddia Addiction

CMNS 323 - Public Service Announcement: Social Media Addiction.


Here's the video about drug addiction and I know it's been forever since I last uploaded. Also I'm extremely super duper sorry for ...

Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Public Service Announcement - The Medical Board of California

Senate Concurrent Resolution 8 passed in 2013 Proclaimed the Month of March, Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month.

Nishaina - Virtual Addiction

Official Single by Nishaina Contact/Management [email protected]

Waiting for the Apocalypse - Technology Addiction PSA

Created by the MCHS Film Club. An overly imaginative boy prepares for the zombie apocalypse in this public service ...

Team Challenge: 15-second PSA (public service announcement)

Team Challenge is CCFA's largest endurance training and fundraising program. You'll train to run or walk a half-marathon while ...

PSA: Addictions

Today...I mean tonight, I put together a little public service announcements for you guys. Tumblr: ...

Virtual Addiction || An award winning 1 minute short fim || Maza Lakshy

Now a days, every one is suffering from a disease called NOMOPHOBIA and we even don't know that we are inactually giving rise ...

PSA Technology Addiction

Don't get "tangled up" in technology. Made for my narrative strategies media class at OCAD U. Music: Red, Yellow & Blue by Born ...

Public Service Announcement - AUDVID BROS.

This video is a public service announcement. Directed by - Justin DeVern Williams Written by - Thomas Givan Cinimatography ...

Facebook Addiction Public Service Announcement.flv

PLEASE!!! Get help at the Facebook Addicts Recovery Group at: http://www.zDreamingWorld.Info.

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