Видео: Woman Has Her Tooth Extracted By Her Husband With A 1920s Barber Tool | Extreme Cheapskates

Pulling Teeth with No Medical Experience | Extreme Cheapskates

This cheapskate doesn't want to pay a dentist to pull her tooth, so she has her husband do it with no experience or anesthetic.

Dentist Fear Made Her Teeth Rot | Extreme Smile Makeover | Only Human |

Sam is terrified of going to the dentist, which has lead to her teeth rotting and her gums to show signs of decay. Now, she ...

Physics Forceps Upper Molar Tooth Extraction, Cytoplast Barrier & Grafting

Physics Forceps GMX 400 Series extraction of upper molar, followed by grafting procedure. To learn more please visit us at ...


Jess got her wisdom teeth pulled! ▷CONTEAM CLOTHING: http://conteamclothing.com ▷HARPER & WILLOW: ...

Woman Glues Her Front Tooth Instead of Going to the Dentist | Only Human

Angela has been hiding her teeth for a very good reason: she hasn't been to the dentist for years, although her front tooth is now ...

pulling tooth with implant placement in aesthetic zone

how to pull tooth with implant placement in aesthetic zone ,http://dramik.com/

Extraction fully erupted upper molar extraction with crown, tooth extraction, physics forceps

Extraction by Dr. Tim Kosinski of fully erupted upper molar extraction with Physics Forceps from GoldenDent. GoldenDent has all ...

Woman's Teeth Decaying: Drinks 12 Fizzy Drinks a Day | Embarrassing Bodies | Only Human

Years of poor oral hygiene, excessive fizzy drink consumption and smoking had played havoc with Lynn's teeth and gums. In fact ...

Woman Was Waiting for Her Teeth to Rot and Fall Out | Now She Smiles Again | Only Human

Denise's fear of dentists came from one bad experience where she had her upper teeth taken out and replaced with dentures.

Dr. Lee Removes 14 Oz Keloid From Woman's Ear | Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Sandra Lee begins removing four massive keloids from her patient's ears weighing a staggering 14 oz and uses radiotherapy ...

Patient Walk-through of Wisdom Teeth Extraction | Boston Children's Hospital

This video will walk you through how to prepare for your wisdom tooth procedure, what to expect day of procedure, and ...

Taylor Gets ALL of her Teeth Pulled

Taylors Dentist visit. She has severe tooth decay and has to get all of her teeth extracted at age 25.

Loopy Twins Wisdom Teeth

Twin sisters had their wisdom teeth extracted at the same time. Their interaction afterwards was hilarious. Courtney was chatty ...

Chairside Magazine V10-1: Local anesthesia for dental professionals

Want to earn FREE CE while learning more about other dental topics? Visit http://GlidewellDental.com/FreeCE.

i got my front tooth & wisdom teeth removed (vlog + story)

SHOP MY NEW HOODIES: https://hannahmelocheshop.com/ well… I bet you never saw this one coming. I had to get my front ...

Woman Who Never Lost Her Baby Teeth

Subscribe to The Doctors: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTheDrs Tyrica has been bullied and teased because she never lost her baby teeth.

Woman missing her teeth for a year turns to Ted

A Houston woman has a new smile and plans for dinner for the first time in a year. Marie Spencer turned to Ted after she says a ...

20 Years Without Brushing Teeth 😦 | Calculus Removal

The most extensive calculus removal we have ever performed at our office. Most of us brush our teeth every day (or at least claim ...

Julie and the Deathly Surgeon (Original)

This is a video I took of my wife AFTER she had her wisdom teeth removed.

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